As we get older, we get anxious about losing our balance and having an accident such as a broken leg or hip. Broken bones can lead to surgery, joint replacements and poor quality of life.

Here, we know that when your structure is better, your function should be as well. We feel if we can make a positive difference in one’s walking posture or gait by ONLY treating the upper neck area, then the short leg and pelvic unleveling must have been related to the upper neck imbalance as well.

The good news is that when the biomechanics and balance of the spine are improved by our “less-is-more” approach, we can rest assured that even our BRAIN is working better!

The brainstem feeds right into the amygdala (stress-handling), hippocampus (learning, comprehension and awareness), vestibular nucleus (posture and mobility), and hypothalamus (sleep and energy).

If you are 55 years of age or over, it might not be a bad idea to first check and see if your “head is on straight”, as a lot of other “good” can come out of seeing and approaching your health from a structure – to – function standpoint is very smart and cost-effective for many!