Video Testimonials and Reviews


“My sister has suffered with Fibromyalgia for 4-5 years. The pain medicine wasn’t working and she had to spend 2-3 days in bed each week. After one adjustment from Dr. Pietrek she didn’t have to stay in bed and it’s been a week. Dr. Pietrek spent hours with my sister and my mom and me, explaining everything he was going to do. He was patient, professional, caring and very thorough. I am so impressed that this procedure did not hurt one bit. It was gentle yet extremely effective. God bless you Dr. Pietrek, you have helped my sister with her pain and given her hope that she can regain her health. Thank you so very much.”
-Barb S.

“It is hard to believe the NUCCA method can do so much good in so short a time, and be absolutely painless. My balance, my TMJ, my energy and my life has improved immensely. Thank you Dr. Pietrek.”
-Vi M.


“After several years of back pain and finally seeking NUCCA, my back feels the best it has in many, many years. One session at your clinic has made a big change in my life!! Thank you Dr. Pietrek!!”
-Dennis R.

“Wow!!! I can’t thank you enough! After the 2nd visit and adjustment, I gained complete relief from four years of shoulder pain and 20 years of upper back pain! I have much more energy and sleep well at night!!!”
-Michael A

“I am quite pleased with my posture and reduction in pain since I started with Dr. Pietrek. I really believe the spine controls all functions of the body. Thanks!”
-Tom R.

“I have had low back pain since 1948 and stiffness due to osteoarthritis since 1998.  I started seeing Dr. Pietrek and had NUCCA care in June 2005, and have experienced blessed relief!!!”
– Jean R.


“Dr. Pietrek has helped me tremendously. I have had chronic neck tension that would not go away. Dr. Pietrek has allowed my body to heal itself and hold my adjustments much longer. With NUCCA, Dr. Pietrek has allowed me to climb stronger and heal faster. Thanks so much.”
-Scott G.


“After only one session I stopped having severe arm/shoulder pain, slept better, awoke more rested, and had lots more energy. Dr. Pietrek is a miracle worker. I’ve suffered for 14 years and had felt hopeless. Now I can look forward to each new day!”
-Elaine P.

“10 months of shoulder pain nearly eliminated by just one adjustment. Dr. Pietrek provides highly professional care and service. I intend to continue to have regular check ups.”
-Dave W.


“After 20 years of chronic pain, 6 months and $$$$ of traditional chiro – “cracking”, Dr. Pietrek has helped to relieve me from headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and general aches! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Kathy F.


“Due to adjustments made to my spine, every day activities can be performed without stiffness. I feel like I could play football again!”
-Joe B.


“Since my first adjustment, the chronic sciatica and shoulder pains went away. And with ongoing care they haven’t returned. It’s awesome to be able to sit again! Thank you!”
-Cindy S.


“No way was I going to see a chiropractor! Not until I was introduced to NUCCA. I was in a car accident over 9 years ago. I am finally relieved of neck and shoulder pain. What an awesome feeling! Thank you Dr. Pietrek.”
-Alice W.


“I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was a teenager. I have suffered with consistent upper back pain for over 10 years. I was tired of living with pain and began giving up hope of finding any type of (natural) relief. The pain and fatigue I experienced from my twisted and curved spine eventually zapped all the energy from my body. For many years I learned to live with the reality of constant pain.

I’ve had trouble sitting and standing for long or short periods without feeling some form of discomfort in my back. My spine was in great need of something non-surgical and drug-free with as little side effects as possible.

After only 5 weeks of care I have seen positive changes in my posture, balance and flexibility, as well as my range of motion, and most importantly my energy level has increased.

One day after an adjustment I was excited to find myself at the store standing still for more than a few minutes without having to shift my weight and/or sit down. Through Dr. Pietrek’s unique method of gentle spinal adjustments my leg-length discrepancy of 1/4″ is gone. Thank you Dr. Pietrek. I am grateful to you for your skill and genuine concern and caring attitude.”
-Joy S.


“I have noticed huge improvements in immunity. This year I have not had any colds or other types of symptoms and I am the first every year in my office to get sick but not any more  and I sleep much better.”
-Doug S.


“Dr. Pietrek and the NUCCA technique have given me incredible pain relief in my jaw. I suffered with jaw pain for almost 2 years and with the gentle adjustments my pain is now gone. Thank you!”
-Denise P.


“As a swing dancer, balance is very important. Since starting with Dr. Pietrek, I am more balanced and centered and have noticed an improvement in my posture on and off the dance floor.”
-Debbie H.

“Approximately 30 years ago I was in a bad roll over car accident which left me dizzy and off balance. After years of looking for treatments someone finally referred me to Dr. Pietrek. After 2 adjustments I felt so much better! I didn’t know what I was missing until now. Thank you. You are the best.”
-Gerlinde A.

“I am amazed at what Dr. Pietrek has done for me. I have always had neck and lower back problems, along with shoulder pain. Since I have been coming here all of that is gone. I never have any back problems now. I am so thankful and so pleased that I found Dr. Pietrek. It’s great to feel good again!”
-Linda F.

“I’m amazed at the results with Dr. Pietrek’s care plan, his gentle touch, and overall NUCCA approach. I am well on my way to recovery from a whiplash I have suffered throught since April of 2009. Heartfelt thanks to you from myself and the rest of my family!”
-Cheri B. 

“I sometimes wish that Upper Cervical Chiropractic wasn’t identified with Full Spinal Adjustment Chiropractic. Having been under both types of chiropractic care, they are worlds apart. Full Spinal Adjustment Chiropractors correct the symptoms or the vertebrae that are “out” – somewhat like straightening a wall but leaving the foundation unstable: the wall/spine will soon need straightening again. Upper Cervical Chiropractors treat the foundation – the atlas. When the foundation is corrected, the rest of the spine will adjust accordingly. There is an engineering logic to Upper Cervical Chiropractic care that makes sense, and it works. I cannot say that for Full Spinal Adjustment Chiropractors.”
Diana S.

“I never knew I’d be able to breathe better without using my inhaler. Ever since I’ve been getting adjusted, my breathing has been optimal. And my ankles don’t interfere, as much, with my daily activities. Thanks a Load Doc!”
-Dion G. 

“I would like to start off by saying if it wasn’t for you I would not have been able to deploy to combat so many times without having to worry about my back. You have educated me in all my bad habits like having my wallet in my back pocket when I am sitting in a chair or driving.

The response you have shown every time I hurt my spine is priceless. I will say when I was younger I did not think chiropractors or the need for taking care of your spine was important, but after having you fix my spine I don’t know what I would do with out you.”
– Frederick K. 

“I came to see Dr. Pietrek in hopes of getting off medications for high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, and to relieve hip pain.Just over two months later: My blood pressure, which was 125-130 over 90 with medication, is now 120/80 and I’m on one half the medication. My pulse rate is more regular than it’s been in many years, and the rate has dropped from 100bpm to about 80bpm. To top it off i have MUCH more energy. Coming to Dr. Pietrek for help was definitely a blessing, not only for me but also for several others in our family.”
-George P. 

“I started my care with Dr. Pietrek in March 2008. I was skeptical at first and couldn’t believe how such a gentle adjustment could be so effective. I’ve always taken good care of myself, but only had temporary relief from my left shoulder pain and stiffness until NUCCA. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be functioning so much better, and I would recommend Dr. Pietrek to anyone.”
-Jean K. 

“After being hit by a car 14 years ago, I started getting 2-3 headaches a month and I thought that was normal; as I had never associated the accident with the headaches. After seeing Dr. Pietrek for a little over a month I have been headache free for 3 weeks! I am amazed that such seemingly small adjustments can make such a big difference!”   -Mamta B.

“Having sustained a series of sports related injuries over the years, i have had constant pressure and periods of significant pain in my back. I’ve been through several rounds of treatment through traditional chiropractic, and none of them have paid off as well or as quickly as NUCCA has. Thanks to Dr. Pietrek, I’m living, sleeping and playing pain free.”
-Morgan L. 

“Ever since the start of having Dr. Pietrek help me with my shoulder pain and the alignment of my back, I’ve noticed a huge difference. The pain is minimal and I feel a lot more balanced and normal now. Thank you so much for all your help.”
– Nicole T. 

“My experience with Dr. Pietrek has changed my life. After being hit in the head with a baseball I suffered from awful headaches, dizziness, and nausea. After trying over 15 doctors I found the NUCCA organization and they have improved my quality of life easily by 100%. Thank you!”
-Paige F. 

“My husband and I just returned from a 5,300 mile trip in our RV. Since I do all the driving, I ex-pected back and hip problems. That did not occur until 3.5 weeks into a 4 week trip. I needed an adjustment! Thank you, Dr. Pietrek.”
-Pat A.

“NUCCA is the best chiropractic care i have had. After my first adjustment, I immediately felt relief from my pain, when other types of chiro care have not relieved my symptoms. I would recommend Dr. Pietrek, as a doctor who cares and is very thorough and precise in his exams and checkups. I felt I was in very competant hands.”
-Shannon H. 

“Coming to Dr. Pietrek and getting adjustments is the best thing that I have done for myself and my well-being. No more lower back pain and it is wonderful. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
-Norma G. 

“Thanks to Dr. Pietrek and working out at a gym, my wife and I had a wonderful 8 weeks traveling with our trailer around the US some 11,500 miles. We are a young 70 plus years. Our pain and sciatica are gone.”
Beverly & Robert W. 

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Pietrek for 3 years and have been feeling better gradually. Well, while walking my dog one morning I tripped on the sidewalk and fell. This caused hip pain and limping for 2 weeks. I came to Dr. Pietrek for an adjustment and got immediate relief. I couln’t believe it; no more pain! If I get hurt again, I will come in immediately. NUCCA works!”
-Patty L. 

“I came to Dr. Pietrek on the suggestion of my daughter, Heidi. Her glowing testimonial inspired me. My symptoms were a general inability to achieve that illusive sense of well-being I’d been searching for all my life. Some minor injuries had caused me pain that I dealt with daily; I had a short leg, neck, low back and elbow pain and extreme dizziness from time to time.  Well, within three visits my pain subsided for long time periods. On the 4th visit, during the 10 minute rest period, I fell into such a deep, calming and refreshing sleep that when I awoke, for a few seconds I didn’t remember quite where I was. My mind and body has been transformed into one that feels peace and tranquility and is at ease. I’m thankful to God for great men like Dr. Pietrek and NUCCA for this amazing healing modality. Warmly……”
– Amber F. 

“I’ve been very impressed with the NUCCA method and Dr. Pietrek has really helped my body adapt better and I have a better sense of body awareness and it has allowed me to take my workouts to the next level.”
-Naudi A. 

“I started seeing Dr. Pietrek because I was having dizzy spells, I was always tired and didn’t have any energy. Since I’ve been coming I did a complete 180. No more dizzy spells and I have a lot more energy!”
-Amanda R. 

“I feel very blessed to be a patient here because I was in pain for a long time and after one week I already feel so much better! My hips are almost level now, my energy is better and I have less headaches. Dr. Pietrek really cares.”
-Carmen R. 

“I was in a motorcycle accident about 9 years ago. My face was shattered and I came close to breaking my neck; I have metal plates now and I’ve had pain ever since.  I’ve now had 3 adjustments over the past 1 1/2 weeks and the tension in the left side of my face has released. It’s amazing how much relief I feel!

I also have better circulation, and better digestion now. Thank you Dr. Pietrek!”
Helen B. 

“I came to Dr. Pietrek for migraines and Fibromyalgia. I have been coming here for two years now for maintenance visits and I am almost completely pain free now. I recently participated in a triathalon which I placed second in my category.  If it weren’t for Dr. Pietrek, I wouldn’t have even thought about entering the triathalon, given the condition my body was in. Thank You!!”
-Liz E. 

“I first started seeing Dr. Pietrek 1 1/2 years ago following a car accident. He helped me gain tremendous relief in my neck and spine but, unfortunately we needed to move up to northern California in an area where there are no NUCCA doctors.  Now, I try to get here as often as I can to get tuned up a couple times a year when I come to visit. My husband notices me sitting and standing straighter whenever I get adjusted.

This has definitely helped me live a better, more pain-free life!”
Mary F. 

“I started my NUCCA care back in Wisconsin where I have 15 family members between the ages of 11 and 60 something going to see the same kind of doctor.  When I first came to see Dr. Pietrek 7 years ago I was in bed all weekend, haunched over and I had bulging discs in my neck and back, but soon after I was walking straight and 90% of the pain was gone. I’ve tried other forms of chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture but this is the only thing that has worked for me. I’ve noticed pain relief and true recovery from my disc problems. My sinuses even feel better after I get adjusted.”
-Patrick M. 

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Pietrek for a few months now and I started out with a lot of low back pain and pain between my spine and shoulder blades.  The pain between my shoulder blades has been completely gone now for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, I just realized the other day that I didn’t have the pain any more and I practically forgot about it.  When I started here I was in tears, having just helped a friend move furniture. Well, we’re about to move, ourselves, and I’ve been doing a lot of lifting and moving, but I don’t have any pain in my lower back, only a little tenderness. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pietrek to anyone!”
-Lisa S. 

“I started my care here a few months ago, suffering with right-sided neck shoulder, and carpal tunnel pain and my results have been amazing! I don’t think I will need surgery any more and I feel so much better.  Also, my blood pressure was skyrocket high and now it is normal. I’d recommend Dr. Pietrek to anyone.”
-Tricia G. 

“When my wife and I started care here, I had been suffering with worsening Fibromyalgia for 15 years. To treat the FM, they had me on antidepressants, pain killers, Cymbalta and Lyrica. It seemed like my body was about to collapse and I was heading for disability.  Less than a week into my care I am now having much more energy. I feel 75% better and I’m now sleeping through the night. My body just seems to work better. I can’t believe how huge of a difference this has made and so quickly!”
-Stan P. 

“I came here from Florida to go to the pH Miracle Center but my neck went out and so Dr. Young sent me here. I was in a lot of pain to the point of tears and after the first adjustment I was feeling better within a couple days. I was surprised how such a gentle touch could do anything!  It’s been exactly one week now and I’m sleeping better and feeling better than I have in a long time.  I’ve already referred my husband, friends, and grandson to a NUCCA chiropractor back home. Thank you, Dr. Pietrek, for doing an amazing job.”
-Mary L. 

“Before I came to Dr. Pietrek I was not sleeping well at all. Sleepless nights from sciatic nerve pain had me tossing and turning just trying to find a comfortable spot.  After the first week with Dr. Pietrek I have been sleeping well ever since and it is wonderful. Everything feels so much better!  My neck and sciatic nerve pain are feeling better now…all this despite when I was at Scripps they told me I had degenerative disc disease and that I would need surgery right away.  I’m so glad I tried NUCCA. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”
-Lisa J. 

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Pietrek for over a year now and I’m feeling much less pain in my legs and my back is feeling stronger.  Upper cervical care has helped to reduce much of my pain from Fibromyalgia which I have been suffering with for the past 30 years.
-Juanita J. 

“I had an injury to my spine which caused one of the discs to bulge in my back. Traditional chiropractic helped for a lit- tle while but then the problem progressed to sciatic nerve pain.  Then someone told me about upper cervical chiropractic and that the nerves at the top of the spine control the tone of the muscles at the bottom of the spine.

It was hard to believe that such a gentle touch and pressure could do anything but I soon noticed that the sciatic nerve pain was beginning to reduce, my mind was clearer and I had more energy. I realized that these adjustments were affecting my whole body!  Now I’m an advocate and I look forward to the simple adjustments and getting my body to memorize this new position. I wish I had done this years ago!”
Bryan K. 

“After my husband’s fibromyalgia had improved, I decided to try NUCCA.  Since I’ve started, I’ve noticed my right shoulder feeling better and great energy improvement from Adrenal fatigue. In fact, last weekend we needed to move and I was surprised at how well I was able to withstand all the lifting. I believe that it was NUCCA that enabled us to get the job done!”
Cathy Y. 

“My husband and I started NUCCA care earlier this year and we’re feeling great.  We just came back from a 2-week vacation in Virginia which included lots of standing and sight-seeing. In the past, it would take us both several weeks to recover from our trips, but I was practically pain free!  Upper cervical chiropractic care is unlike anything else. We drive from Ramona for our appointments – well worth the trip!”
-Sylvia N. 

“I’ve been coming to dr. Pietrek because I have had migraines and muscle tension that has progressively been getting worse for 17 years. I’ve started coughing and having sinus issues and it’s become a chronic problem that I’ve begun treating with muscle relaxers.  I decided that I wanted to solve the source of my problem instead of just treating the symptoms and I’ve known for a while that my head and spinal alignment have been off.  After 5-6 sessions with Dr. Pietrek I’m having less muscle tension and stress and I’ve been more comfortable, especially sleeping at night.”
-Chad L. 

Since I’ve started my care here a few weeks ago, I’m feeling better and better. I’m a chiropractor, myself, and I travel 90 miles to get here. I’d highly recommend Dr. Pietrek to anyone.”
-Andrew K.