Friends and Patients,

As you know, the Covid 19 Corona Virus is of growing public concern.  Last night (3/11), the President spoke about how this is being called a pandemic and recommended all Americans to take certain precautionary measures.

In the chiropractic world, we say that disease is due to the lack of one’s ability to adapt.  That disease is an individual thing.  That disease is not an entity itself, but is the effect of one’s immune system’s inability to fight off the outside germ.  I’ve said that flies don’t cause trash but that trash or worn down body chemistry attracts the flies and allows disease to take root in the individual.  I’ve posted on the white boards that the best defense against ANY virus is a good offense.  That being a strong, well-functioning central nervous system, and that NUCCA chiropractic helps in this.  It is because of this that we’re not surprised that numerous studies have shown that chiropractic patients get sick less often and have a higher quality of life than the general public.

We live in a world of dual realities though, and there are uncertainties about this Corona Virus.  A nurse told me yesterday that they’re basically treating this as the common flu, but that it may have a longer “shelf life” than the common flu, meaning that the virus can possibly survive on surfaces longer than more common flu viruses.

There’s little that we know about it, but I trust that the President and his advisers know more than me and that’s why we’re instituting the following measures effective immediately and will continue as long as necessary:

I will use hand sanitizer before every office visit and between seeing all patients, we will disinfect the chiropractic table before every visit, we will have a timer set to go off every hour reminding us to disinfect all commonly used surfaces including but not limited to: the patient sign-in touchscreen, my own tablet, the front desk checkout surface, the water cooler, the resting chairs, all door handles, the front desk work surface, the hard parts of all chairs and the table in the reception area, and the restroom keys.  We will also have hand sanitizer available for patients in the reception area and both treatment rooms.

Thank you for your attention.

Dr. Pietrek