How We Help with Neck & Shoulder Pain

If you’re suffering from neck and/or shoulder pain, the cause may be due to a misalignment in the top of your spine.  Playing sports, car accidents and sitting at a desk all day is enough to misalign the top vertebra (also known as the atlas or C1) in the spine.

The upper neck, in comparison to the lower back, is MUCH more mobile.  With greater mobility, there is a greater chance for more INSTABILITY.  Additionally, the nerves around the brainstem are more sensitive and play a more important role in bodily function compared to those in the mid and lower back.  

Here’s a summation.  The upper neck, in comparison to the rest of the spine is:

  1.  Structurally the weakest link 
  2.  Neurologically the most important
  3.  Anatomically the most unusual*

*Out of 206 bones in the body, the atlas/C1 vertebra has the second most variations or subtle differences side to side (the sacrum has the most).  Because of this, if you have neck pain it is critical that you see a specialist for neck pain, who is trained to detect and account for the variations in joint shapes and misalignment types of the upper neck.

Upper neck problems can be progressive and eventually escalate into shoulder and arm problems.  This is because the nerves in the shoulders and arm are rooted in the lower neck. 

The benefits of a highly detailed analysis of the upper neck alignment are a more gentle and specific adjustment with longer lasting results.  If one knows which key goes into the lock, it should be easy to insert the key and open the lock.




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