Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck Pain and Headaches in Rancho Bernardo


 You’re not the type of person that has a headache once in a while.  Likely, you’re not the type of person that has neck pain once every three months because you slept wrong and your pillow shifted out on you during your sleep.  

      Likely, since you clicked on our video, you’re the type of person that has the type of neck pain and headaches which cause you to miss sleep – to not be able to get into a deep nights’ rest.  This throws off your body chemistry and causes fatigue, concentration problems and more.

      Maybe you’re frustrated, having to pump down medication just to get through your day.  You’ve considered needle injections or muscle relaxers.  Maybe you’ve had surgery somewhere in your spine, hoping that would solve your problems.  Or maybe your general practitioner (who really MEANS well) has recommended psychotherapy to help you better “adapt” to your life challenges…as if the problem was all in your head.

      Now, if you’re like most people who have come here with neck pain and headaches, that’s not the cause of your problem at all.  If you’re like the majority of the people I see, the problem is that your head isn’t on STRAIGHT.  I know that sounds funny, but it’s a hundred percent true.

      Consider this:  when the spine is subjected to physical stress such as sports injuries, car accidents, and looking after small children just to name a few, the connective tissues of the spine can slowly become injured.  This causes the head to shift off vertical, one hip to be lower and the spine compresses. 

      Why is this important to neck pain and headache sufferers?  The connective tissues in the top of the spine are more prone to injury than in the lower parts of the spine because of how mobile the upper neck is.  Think about it…your neck has twice as much mobility than the lower back and pelvic areas.  With INCREASED mobility, there is DECREASED stability.  This is why people get whiplash in the neck and not the lower back.  

      This, along with the sensitivity of the nerves closest to the brain and brainstem, and now we’ve pinpointed a major cause of neck pain and headaches.  We’re here to help and provide you with answers!