Sitting at a desk for long periods of time and looking at our phones causes pain and tension in the neck.  When the head moves forward on top of the neck it can cause problems in the lower spine as well, long-term.

This is because of the relative weight of the head compared to the neck.  Think about it.  Your head weighs as much as a bowling ball, just a little over 10 pounds.  Would you walk about with a bowling ball, carrying it out in front of you?  When the head is in a bent-forward position due to looking at electronic devices, it creates the same effects.

Short-term effects may include pain and bad posture.  Long term effects may include spinal disc dehydration and disease, along with mid-back pain and other spinal problems.

Try to hold your phone directly in front of your face when you view your text messages or browse the web.  It may make your arms tired in the short term but it will help to save your spine.

Here is a video demonstrating how you can help reverse the effects of forward head posture and neck pain by doing one simple thing.  Not only is this a neck strengthening exercise; it also helps with your own body awareness and helping to keep your core in line.

Remember to breathe.  If you want some padding for your head, just use a towel.