Babies and toddlers love story time.  They like pictures, but they especially hearing the sounds of their parent’s voice – especially when it’s a topic they love!

Earlier this week, a patient in her mid-20’s said that she has been recently having a hard time remembering things.  I asked if she reads.  She says she doesn’t have any time to read any more so she listens to audiobooks in the car on the way to work.  I asked her if she has time to read on the weekends and she agreed that she needs to get back into it.

One reason reading is so great is because it forces you to use your optic nerves which are bigger than the other cranial nerves, as they go all the way to the back of the brain.  In fact, that’s really where vision takes place – in the back of the brain.

Reading has a way of stimulating and integrating other parts of our brain too.  Take time to read every day!  At least thirty minutes is ideal.  In fact, my E-Book would take you about 30 minutes to read.  Why not download our E-Book now?  Just click the link below!  After you read it, feel free to make a comment below.  Thank you.