Only 10% of the brain’s energy goes toward conscious voluntary activities such as driving a car or doing math.  The other 90% is automatic.  This 90% is either preparing for a short-term stressful situation (increasing the heart rate which pumps more blood to our arms and legs in case we need to run, for example) OR it’s going toward homeostatic activity such as body regulation, adaptation and healing.

Fibromyalgia sufferers commonly feel as though their batteries have been yanked out of them before they even get out of bed in the morning.  Their bodies are not able to get into that deep night’s sleep that we all need so much.  Acids are not flushed out of the muscles and the restorative growth hormones are not secreted by the brain.

At our office we focus on removing pressure on the brain stem.  This helps the Fibromyalgia sufferer have better control and regulation of their body’s automatic workings and healing activity.  Given enough time, the pains, digestive trouble, cognitive and sleep issues often improve.