About Dr. Pietrek

One of the things that makes us different from other chiropractors in Rancho Bernardo is what we DON’T do.

I personally have nothing against therapy, vitamins, massage, or orthotics.  But, based on my own practice experience and what’s worked best for me as a patient, I lean towards a less-is-more approach and I refer out for these services when necessary.  Each of these areas have their own merit and their own fields of expertise and we always keep a stack of other specialists’ business cards available just in case.

While other practitioners in the area seem to do a little of everything in order to provide a “wellness” experience for their patients, we believe that a person’s level of wellness is directly related to the resilience of their spine, and we’re happy to provide that experience for people.  And, yes, we believe in eating healthy and exercising too😊!

There are several reasons why I chose to be an upper cervical (NUCCA) chiropractor but the main reason is because of my own spine.  As you can see I have a rather extreme scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine).  The first chiropractor I saw, shortly after high school, DID help me with my pain but…even during chiropractic college my curves kept getting worse UNTIL I discovered upper cervical (NUCCA) chiropractic.  Since that time my pain levels have stayed in check, my curves stopped getting worse, and my performance continues to improve.

I find that people don’t just go to the chiropractor because of pain.  They go because they either cannot do something they used to do any more, or they fear they won’t be able to keep on doing what they love.  When new patients are a good fit here, it is usually based in the mutual understanding that life is about more than ticks on the clock.  Instead, it’s about experiences – being where you’ve got to be and doing what you’ve got to do.  And whether it’s headaches, neck/arm pain, lower back/leg pain, fibromyalgia, scoliosis – like me, or internal/organic – type problems that you seek relief from, your body always works better when your spine is free of nerve interference.

As a less-is-more-style chiropractor one of my greatest passions is adjusting the C1/Atlas vertebra, oftentimes immediately and demonstrably showing increased mobility in the hip joints, followed by answering the question “how did that happen?!”  (see video below)

We are not a big office.  We cannot guarantee results and we certainly cannot help everybody.  But for those who have experienced life-changing results from our safe, gentle and minimalist structure-to-function approach I’m sure they’d agree that this is one of the best – if not the best thing they’ve done for their health.  I know it has been for me!

The NUCCA Method


Over 2,500 Treated

Dr. James Pietrek has treated over 2,500 patients, ranging from one week to age 95.


Safe & Gentle Adjustments

Tailor-made adjustments based in math, physics, geometry and biomechanics because no two spines are the same.


On-Time Appointments

One of our mottos is “We respect others’ time and they will respect ours.”  Waiting is rare.


Same Day Appointments

We always reserve special time in the morning and afternoon for patients in pain.


Friendly Staff

Bilingual (Spanish) assistant does her best to make you feel right at home.  Pride in responsiveness.


Auto Accidents

Dr. James Pietrek has advanced training in triage, MRI interpretation and documentation for personal injury.

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