Lauren came here with 10 years of pain, mainly in her neck and shoulders. Not only does she feel great again, she’s more flexible than ever and now crushing it in her yoga class.

When there is a misalignment of the C1 or Atlas vertebra, this can lead to a restriction of the normal flexion-extension relationship of the skull on top of that top vertebra and THEN, in order to compensate, this leads to tightness in the upper back and shoulders and contributes to what is commonly known as “haunchback” – something we know we all don’t want to see!

This problem, along with many other more serious health-related conditions is best dealt with from a conservative and prevention mindset. “Haunchback”, like any other condition, is generally a process.

Our gentle chiropractic method of balancing the top vertebra in the spine not only brings balance back to the spine…it also helps you feel great again!