Life can throw you for a loop sometimes, especially with this COVID 19 Virus.  While it’s okay to get down, it’s NOT okay to stay down.  Our attitudes are one of only a few things that we have any control over, and this is important to remember when we encounter adversity or when things happen “to us” which are outside of our control.

Like a guided missile gets back on course when it’s headed off target, we must have anchors that snap us back into reality and help us to remember our purpose or how we’re contributing to the world (beyond ourselves) in a meaningful way.

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite Olympic moments.  It’s interesting…I think I used to like this because the 400M dash was one of my events…I used to see myself as the runner, but since my dad’s been gone I think about my own dad and a father’s love, but now that I have a son, it’s meaningful in a fresh new way.
Take some time to consider your own anchors or things that help keep you centered on the targets you’ve set for yourself.  Do you journal?  Do you READ your journal?  Is there a photo that arouses feelings of warmth and inspiration?  Is is a movie?  What is it for you?
*This is a great video, but you can’t hear the thunderous cheering at the end 🙂
Aristotle’s Arete

Aristotle, in a way, combines the concepts of inner excellence, outward acts of greatness, and the communication of excellence as the concept of purpose (telos). Aristotle specifically points to political science as the means which through moral virtue is manifested on a collective level.

noun: arête; plural noun: arêtes
  1. a sharp mountain ridge.