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Just the Spinal Adjustment

Dr. Chloé Lightner and Dr. Dan R. Spinato to take over the practice of Dr Pietrek. We are honored to continue the same level of excellent care Dr Pietrek has provided his clients.  We believe therapy, massage, exercise and electronic muscle stimulation all have their place. But the best thing for Dr. Pietrek and his own spinal condition (pictured here) is the type of work that we do.


Over 2,500 Treated

Dr. James Pietrek has treated over 2,500 patients, ranging from one week to age 95.  Drs. Chloé & Dan have over 38 years experience providing the same methods and level of care.


Safe & Gentle Adjustments

Tailor-made adjustments based in math, physics, geometry and biomechanics because no two spines are the same.


On-Time Appointments

One of our mottos is “We respect others’ time and they will respect ours.”  Waiting is rare.


Same Day Appointments

We always reserve special time for patients in pain, as we’re the only NUCCA chiropractor in Rancho Bernardo. However we also now serve the entire Carmel Valley area.


Friendly Staff

Bilingual (Spanish) assistant does her best to make you feel right at home.  Pride in responsiveness.


Auto Accidents

Dr. James Pietrek has advanced training in triage, MRI interpretation and documentation for personal injury. We also provide the same services.

Health Conditions

Headaches, Lower Back/Leg Pain, Neck/Shoulder Pain, Fibromyalgia and Scoliosis are some of the more common conditions we  see here at Pietrek Spinal Care.

Woman touching her temples in pain


In 1995 it was discovered that there is a connective tissue bridge reaching from the outside lining of the brain and brainstem to the muscles in the top of the neck.

Woman bracing her lower back

Lower Back & Leg Pain

The lower back is very strong; it has to be.  It supports 2/3 of the body weight.  Misalignments in the neck can cause compensations in the lower back, often leading to pain.

Man rubbing his neck

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Unresolving neck pain may require a 3-Dimensional X-ray analysis in order to pinpoint the underlying cause.  Left uncorrected, neck pain can lead to shoulder and arm pain.

Tender points of Fibromyalgia


Widespread chronic pain and fatigue, mental fogginess and digestive trouble are just some of the problems associated with Fibromyalgia.

Spinal screening being performed on girl


The side-most part of the brainstem controls the tone of the muscles that travel all the way down the spine and anchor into the pelvis.

Man and woman walking in the forest

Wellness Care

Here, we don’t prescribe nutritional products, extensive exercise programs or offer life coaching.  As Joseph Piliates said, “You are the age of your spine.”

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