GMO Protest

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Last Saturday we went downtown with a bunch of GMO-laced McDonald’s burgers to feed the homeless around City College and Park Blvd. As I waited for the burgers to get packed a couple of the workers popped outside in amazement. I figured there might’ve been an accident. After we got the burgers, drove off and found a parking space I noticed them. Police.


Behind me and in front of me. My first thought was “I can’t be getting busted for parking illegally already, I didn’t even turn the car off.”

“H – E – (double hockey stick) NO! GMO!!!” There were about a thousand people marching and chanting. Faces painted, faces masked, children costumed – anything to get people’s attention. Speaking of attention, the Monsanto monster was the grand marshal. Very smart. Very scary. So scary that it got my attention enough that I forgot to drop some change into the parking meter. $42.50. Ouch.

Well, apparently people are getting more and more ticked off on the issue. In case you’ve been out of the loop, much of our foods have been genetically modified to increase profits for companies like Monsanto. Common sense says that the vote should have passed a couple years ago that would force companies to state if there’s is a GMO product. The advertising dollars put into the side that didn’t want the bill to pass was enormous and so 1.5% too many Californians voted foolishly, allowing these companies to not need to disclose on the label that their foods are genetically altered.

Genetically altered foods, and the process that it takes to genetically alter them is bad for consumers, it’s bad for the 300 or less acre farmer, and it’s bad for the planet. The good news is that even though the bill didn’t pass, a lot more people have become aware of the issue and the snowball has begun to roll across the country.

In Europe a similar law WAS passed. People naturally (no pun intended) didn’t want to eat corn that contained human tissue. Companies instantly changed their ingredients so they would be able to sell their stuff. Way to go Europe.

Three last thoughts…1. Don’t forget to feed the parking meter when you go downtown. 2. If you want to be more alive than dead, then eat foods that are more alive than dead, and 3. To learn more about the anti-GMO movement, visit Mercola’s link:

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