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Posted By ryan on Nov 25, 2015 |

Your body is electric, and it has a wiring harness! Called the Cauda Equina taken from the Latin, Horse’s tail, your spinal cord relays nerve impulses from all over your body to the brain. There those brain cells consider everything from how to walk and stand up straight to what you feel like eating for lunch today. Even more than just a conduit for nerve transmission, the entire spinal column has to mechanically support the full range of body motion along with all the stresses that your body must endure throughout the day. Folks in the San Diego area are fortunate to have Dr. James Pietrek who has dedicated his practice to all matters concerning the form and function of the human spine.


Because our spines have to do so much for us, these remarkable anatomic wonders can become damaged or otherwise move out of their natural alignment.  Virtually no one in San Diego is better than Dr. Pietrek at recognizing and diagnosing these issues when they occur. There are dozens of common ailments that people may not know can be brought on by a misalignment or damage to the spine. They can range from something you would like backache to branch out to conditions like high blood pressure, even depression. All these things you wouldn’t automatically think of as being a result of a spine problem.


Correctly spotting these issues and treating them is Dr. James Pietrek’s specialty and his happy patients stand in testimony to just how life changing his techniques have been for hundreds of them. Using in part the NUCCA Technique (which is a protocol of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) Dr. Pietrek can make very fine adjustments to the all important tissues that work to innervate the body and are vital to good health and well being.


Inherent within the spinal anatomy is a significant self repairing facility if it is given the proper care and adjustments. By performing exact X-Ray analysis, Dr. Pietrek can measure the problem areas right down to a very specific degree and often achieve tremendous results by facilitating small, but critical, millimeter size adjustments. Do not suffer any longer! Let Dr. James Pietrek put his years of experience to work for you today!