Feel Better, the Gentle Way!

Posted By ryan on Dec 28, 2015 |

At Pietrek Spinal Care, Dr. James Pietrek can help with many conditions.  Most people think that a spinal adjustment from a chiropractor is for those with neck pain, back pain or muscle aches.  Dr. Pietrek can help with so much more!  From multiple sclerosis, arthritis, migraines, scoliosis, and seizures to carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and athletic and auto accident injuries and more, Dr. Pietrek has had positive results with them all.

NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) Chiropractic is a therapy that is a safe and painfree correction that restores balance and helps the body’s natural healing to reactivate. Dr. Pietrek uses the NUCCA method exclusively because it is a light force method that is precise and painless, since it doesn’t use any forceful movements or neck/back twisting.

The difference between NUCCA and standard chiropractic techniques, is that it is a much more gentle form of adjustment. There is never and twisting or cracking used, and the light touches to the affected areas are gentle, but extremely effective. NUCCA adjustment is barely felt, and it doesn’t hurt at all. After your first adjustment, you can expect a range of changes due to the nervous system responding to the adjustment.

These changes or symptoms are a sign that your adjustment is working and you are healing. Different cycles of healing include muscle stiffness and soreness, feeling sleepy or generally tired, and finally you will feel an alleviation of symptoms. Do not feel concern if your pain shifts or moves. The severity of your condition will determine the amount of recovery time you will need.

Please feel free to address any concerns with Dr. Pietrek. Call to discuss this method further or to make an appointment with Dr. Pietrek to get started feeling better today!